Thursday, November 10, 2005

My Name In Print

from Whitman's "Carol of Occupations"

Why, what have you thought of yourself?
Is it you then that thought yourself less?
Is it you that thought the President greater than you?
Or the rich better off than you? or the educated wiser than you?

Because you are greasy or pimpled, or that you were once drunk, or a thief,
Or diseas’d, or rheumatic, or a prostitute—or are so now;
Or from frivolity or impotence, or that you are no scholar, and never saw your name in print,
Do you give in that you are any less immortal?
It's not so much that I'm more immortal now, Walt, but I can hide my greasy, pimpled face behind my copy of The Wittenburg Door #202, which contains my name in print (twice! if you count the table of contents -- and I do), and which came in the mail today.



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