Sunday, October 16, 2005

Handy Fact Sheet

The fine folks at the Funeral Ethics Organization would like to see "ethical dealings in all death-related transactions by [their] working for better understanding of ethical issues among funeral, cemetery, memorial industry practitioners, law enforcement, organ procurement organizations, and state agencies, as well as better understanding between these and the general public."

I can get behind that. I mean, who'd want to get out and fight for unethical dealings? I'm not going to get their mission statement printed on a t-shirt, but y'know "Rock on, guys!"

The only reason I bring them up is they have a nice fact sheet listing Conflicts of Interest in U.S. Coroner Systems. Basically, it lists the requirements in the U.S. (and Canada ... let the annexation begin!) for coroners and/or medical examiners.

I've made my local mortician a deputy medical examiner. I think that's okay by Oregon's rules. If I discover in further research that a ME isn't required at the scene of a simple traffic fatality, Ron Campbell'll lose the magnetic placard on the side of his hearse. No need to complicate things and get nasty letters from FEO after they've been such a big help this evening.


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