Friday, February 25, 2005

Where I Been?

For the past several days I've been fighting a cold, well not fighting so much as succumbing. Lack of sleep leaves me tired in the morning, the cold leaves me exhausted by mid-afternoon. Come evening, I'm pretty much incoherent.

Consequently, Revival has sat pretty much untouched for the past two or three days. With Phil off to preschool for the next couple hours, I might take a stab at reviewing another chapter this morning.

I did do a little work on the Prologue yesterday afternoon. I've posted it over at the faith*in*fiction message board on a thread devoted to (primarily) opening scenes. It's down toward the bottom of the page (do a find/search for "revival" and it should get you there).

If I don't pop a couple Vitamin C's and go back to bed, I'll hopefully have something to post here later on today.

Wait and see.


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