Friday, February 04, 2005

Late Night Revelations

As I was drifting off to sleep last night a couple thoughts hit me.

First, how to have Sheriff Woo appear on Day 1 (Woo's the only major secondary character not to make an appearance on Tuesday): David Graham eats dinner at a local restaurant named Cabron's (Spanish for "Goat" - oooh, Satanic imagery). A few days ago I realized something needs to happen while he's eating there. Enter Sheriff Woo.

Right now it looks like Graham will have parked his Escort (no imagery in the car name that I'm aware of) on a slight incline and neglected to set the parking break or curb his tires, and the car rolled backwards and stopped in front of a fire hydrant. Seems this sort of thing happens all the time, so Woo comes in to the restaurant rather than ticketing the car. It gives me a chance to briefly show something about Woo and maybe have him comment on Mayor Jackman (who has blocked motions to have "please set parking break" signs placed around town where this sort of thing occurs; Jackman'd rather have Woo write tickets and generate some income - Woo isn't that kind of cop). It also sets up the notion that "appearances can be deceiving."

That message is also borne out in the final chapter of Part 1, Gantt's dream. In the rough draft I just detailed the dream, but didn't shoot for an eerie or scary effect. As I jotted down notes last night on how to fix the chapter, that was one of the obvious things to hit in the rewrite.

The second thing that hit me at bedtime last night was that Gantt has had this dream twice before (once before each of the previous revival meetings which didn't end in zombie attacks). So this time Gantt's not just apprehensive about what's happening, he's downright resistant ... but he gets dragged along anyway. I think that'll help build tension and not have the dream just be sightseeing with symbolism.

I should go to bed more often - maybe five or six times a day.