Sunday, January 23, 2005

Naming Names

I've finally (tentatively) settled on a name for the park where the Revival meeting will be held: Pennoyer Park (named after the governor of Oregon at the time Graphite was founded). I'm not entirely thrilled with it, but it's better than WHATEVER.

I've also named a former church: St. Bartholomew's (in the Gospel of John, the disciple Bartholomew is named Nathaniel, which is Philip's middle name). St. Bart's and another church in Graphite's history burned to the ground, this is foreshadowing.

And a mill: Peterson's. What did Peterson mill? I don't know, but there's a picture of it in Emil Kennedy's used bookstore.

The premise of the novel centers around Graphite being the 9th most-livable place in Oregon. In case you're wondering what the others in the top ten are, here's what I know:
    10. unknown
    8. Oregon City
    7. Coos Bay
    6. Roseburg
    5. unknown
    4. Hood River
    3. unknown
    2. unknown
    1. Astoria

This is of course ridiculous and completely made up. If you'd like your city's name added to the list, I'm not above accepting cash incentives....

I also found the first instance of Graphite being mysteriously re-named Granite. I'll have to keep an eye on that.