Monday, November 29, 2004

Doesn't Play Well With Others

The action picked up last night as the demon N'Vonecz finally got to come out and have some fun. Here's the emergence scene (which will look super cool in the movie):

Daniels was becoming angry, gesturing with the gun and flashlight as he spoke. Wait for an opening, Gantt thought, then try and get the gun away from him.

"Yeah, that’s what it was supposed to be. Then I call up there and find out she’s been rushed to emergen-"

Gantt struck. He shone his flashlight directly at Daniels eyes and moved in on his gun.

He moved fast, but Daniels was faster. As Gantt grabbed his wrist, Daniels was able to pivot his hand and pull off one shot before he lost hold of the gun.

Gantt flew back across the room, a TWO INCH hole in his chest opened to a TEN INCH exit wound in his back. As he lay there on the floor of the trailer, his lungs WETLY trying to inhale oxygen, his heart painfully spasming, Gantt’s vision colored over red, then everything went yellow.

* * *

Daniels stood there looking down at the remains of the preacher-man. The blown-apart body lay there, twitching. He stood in awe of the massive wound the gunshot had inflicted.

A split second later, though, he was worried. I shot him. I killed him. I am so screwed.

Worry changed to panic as the blood flowing from the wound turned from red on the white shirt to black. The open wound clotted over, grew black and hard[, scaly]. Then the body began to move. It sat up with tremendous speed. Daniels shined his flashlight on the preacher-man’s face. Yellow light streamed from the eye sockets. Daniels couldn’t see if there were eyeballs in the sockets, the light was so bright.

As the thing that used to be Gantt rose to its feet, Daniels scrambled backward for the door. He caught the edge of the door squarely between the shoulder blades and the door swung shut. He scrambled for the doorknob. The Gantt-monster lunged.

(daily word count: 3,238 words; total word count: 67,596 words; known body count: 10)