Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Sometimes It Just Writes Itself

Last night I was looking for a way out of a scene that was going on and on and on and ... you get the idea. Fortunately, TV sitcoms provided the answer.

“This town really BITES[,” Maya said. “]If we lived in PENDLETON, I could do the tests early and still do what I wanted in the evening.”

“The thrill of all-you-can-eat lime hospital Jell-O has faded?” Graham asked.

“Oh, barf.”

“Tell me about it,” Jacob said.

“No, really – I think I’m going to be sick,” Maya said and ran [...] into the kitchen.

Graham and Jacob stood in awkward silence, alone in the sitting room.

I cut a "sitting room" phrase out of the paragraph before last to balance out the insertion of a "Maya said" earlier in the excerpt.

(daily word count: 2,126 words; total word count: 37,441 words; words remaining: 12,559)