Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Wakey Wakey

My main character, David Graham, has a boss who strongly disapproves of his staff enjoying themselves on business trips. Said editor was quite happy when the only alternative to bed & breakfasts was a place called "Ma Carter's Boarding House" (see Checking In). Graham was quite pleased to find his accomodations nothing like his fears suggested - still, he's not about to reveal his good fortune to his boss.

Graham’s alarm went of at 6:46. With the intention of getting out of bed at 7:00, he had set it so as to allow for two seven minute snoozes before he had to rise and shine.

As he dozed and woke twice he came to the conclusion he had terribly underestimated the comfort of his bed. Seldom had he drifted back to sleep so easily. Rarely had he had the sensation of surfacing from a deep-water dive in order to silence the snooze alarm. After the second alarm, Graham seriously considered resetting the clock for eight and bagging his interview with Tracy Greene.

Then he had the unfortunate thought of how he would explain his DERELICTION OF DUTY to his editor. “Oh, your canvas cot – the one filled with shards of glass – was sooooo uncomfortable you had to – what? – oversleep an hour? Something’s not kosher here, so spill.”

That would never do.

(daily word count: 2,089 words; total word count: 19,097 words; words remaining: 30,093)