Thursday, November 04, 2004

Wall o' History

While in a used bookstore, our hero finds pictures on the walls detailing the town's history. This is what he sees (remember, ALL CAPS words are placeholders; italics are notes to myself to figure something out in the re-write):

On the walls at the far end of the bookshelf CUL-DE-SACS (or culs-de-sac as the case may be) hung framed black and white photos. Typed note cards below the pictures identified them as sites from Graphite’s history: The Old Mine, c. 1888; ST. WHOEVER’S Church, burned 1897; in a frame below it another church, burned 1952; a one-room schoolhouse, this one relocated to SOMETHING HISTORIC PARK, PENDLETON 1973; SOMEBODY’S Mill, c. 1910; a ribbon cutting ceremony at WHATEVER Park, c. 1948; several shots of MAIN STREET over the years, 1908, 1933, 1948, 1960, and color shots from 1976 with a bicentennial parade, and 1988 with a Graphite Centennial banner draping across the middle of the street.

WHATEVER Park, by the way, is the park where the revival meeting will take place. So far everywhere I've typed it it's been WHATEVER Park; for a slight fee - or as high as the bidding goes - I'd be willing to name the park after you.

(daily word count: 2,681 words; total word count: 9,253 words; words remaining: 40,747)