Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Meet Sheriff Brandon Woo

Today I wrote the chapter where writer David Graham meets Sheriff Woo. Before entering Woo's office, Graham wonders about the Sheriff's family's nation of origin. This is what he finds behind the sheriff's office door (note: words in all caps are those I intend to revisit in the second-draft process):

He had expected that a pen set on the desk might have a U.S. flag and one from China or KOREA, maybe. Instead the room looked like someone had barfed up a Cost Plus. He saw flags from China, both Koreas, the VIETNAMS, Japan, TAIWAN, SINGAPORE, and several that he could only guess were from countries on the INDOCHINA PENINSULA. One bookcase was covered in carved Buddhas and dragons. Two large SHINTO ARCHES were used as bookends on a shelf behind the desk.

A large fish tank filled with goldfish sat underneath the window. Beside sat a smaller round fish bowl with a Chinese fighting fish in it. On the floor below both was a doormat with two koi, one mostly white, the other mostly red, swimming around each other forming a yin yang symbol.

There was too much to process at once and Graham belatedly realized he was standing frozen in the doorway, blocking the sheriff’s entrance.

(daily word count: 2,066 words; total word count: 4,300 words; words remaining: 45,700)