Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Welcome to Graphite

Well, Eladnref, actually (that's Ferndale spelled backwards, in case you're not the type that automagically transposes oddly spelled words).

Last night was the first time in a long time I actually did more than noodle on Revival. I had printed out a bunch of close-up views of Ferndale, Calif., from Google Maps, cut them out and taped them together awhile ago.

Yesterday evening I scanned the map in, transposed it, and printed out a negative image of it (so streets would be darker than the surrounding buildings).

Here's a copy of that map.

Then I traced the paths of the streets and added a few more. Then I got to start placing things on the map: the church, the cemetary, some shops, the "fatal intersection," the high school, etc. Streets got named, keeping as close to what I had written in my first draft as possible (I was a bit ambitious in naming one of the streets 14th St., they only go up to 8th now). I think I got down everything I need.

Providential moment: As I was naming streets, I had everything named but Mill St. I looked around the map, searching for a spot to shoehorn it in. There was only one street left, a little one. But it was right on the river. Suh-weetness.

Now alls I need is a local event explaining why all the local papers are sold out and I can start the rewrite in earnest.


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