Monday, July 11, 2005

Professional Feedback

I've secured my first bit of professional feedback on my plotting in Revival. I have a couple scenes involving EMTs, so I asked a friend of mine (who is, coincidentally, an EMT), if the scenes worked. For the most part they did (yay rudimentary internet research), but in one scene he pointed out that an ambulance wouldn't cart a dead body away in a small town ("dead people don't pay ambulance bills" was how he put it). Instead the director of the funeral home or mortuary would come and cart it off if there was no local medical examiner.

This bit of advice is fortuitous as it will introduce the funeral home director in Part One, paving the way for some characters' use of his funeral home in Part Three (otherwise it's a quick mention as Wagner cruises around town taking in the sights, which lacks narrative drive).

So I have the first name for my acknowledgement page(s). Anyone know an agent so I can have a second name to list?


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